In today’s world knowledge is the first step towards the prevention of a disease. As a human, we all should take it as a noble duty to spread awareness about breast cancer. The following are some things you can do to make people more aware of the disease:

Cancer Awareness Month:

“The cancer awareness month for the year 2017 starts on October 1 and ends on October 31st.”

The cancer awareness month for the year 2017 starts on October 1 and ends on October 31st. During the cancer awareness month, we should participate in all the activities that help make the youth aware. As we have shown, women who are above the age of 45 are more prone to the disease. So, we must personally consult women in these age group and inform them of at least how they can personally examine themselves at home for signs of breast cancer.

Pink Ribbon:

The pink ribbon is the symbol for breast cancer awareness. It is a part of breast cancer advocacy. Breast cancer advocates help to raise funds for better care and to provide more knowledge of the disease. The pink ribbon signifies that you are aware of the causes, risks and prevention of breast cancer. Sometimes, this ribbon is used as a brand to raise money for the treatment of needy people who would be otherwise unable to afford the treatment.


You can form a group of women and perform roadshows to create awareness among people on the road.

This kind of awareness programs often does very well because they attract more people and reach a greater percentage of the population.

Roadshows are very interesting to do. Performing skits, acts, and plays in roadshows can be very powerful way to convey really unforgettable messages.

Conduct Programs In Rural Areas:

“Educating the rural folks is very important.”

Rural areas are where breast cancer education are not usually available. Young people can take upon themselves the responsibility of conducting breast cancer awareness programs in the rural areas. They can do this during their vacation period or under a school or college project. Educating the rural folks is very important. Because if they are given proper education about breast cancer then the mortality rate of the disease can be successfully curtailed.

Cause-Related Marketing:

Some companies make profit from this scheme and donate the money generated to the cause. Some of the objects marketed include daily use products. These products are repacked into special wrappers and packs that contain information about breast cancer awareness. Often, these wrappers are made for special edition events. Therefore, their prices are often higher than normal. The funds so collected from these sales are then often given to the charitable firms.


Many organizations, hospitals, and charitable trusts run advertisements for breast cancer awareness. Nowadays, increasing numbers of the global populace use smart devices to access the net. Therefore, these ads have the potential to reach unlimited numbers of people.

Often, these advertisements are made for products on sale and the profits collected for breast cancer treatments.