Breast Cancer Awareness

Breast Cancer Awareness

Millions of people around the globe have participated in the Breast Cancer Awareness month for a good course. Every year, thousands are screened and the number has been on the rise in the recent years. In a woman’s lifetime, she has a 12.5 percent chance of having breast cancer, but only 1 percent of the men are prone to the disease. The Breast Cancer Awareness Month is done annually to help create awareness about the killer disease. Failure to diagnose it early enough may lead to death, but it can be treated if noticed at the early stage. Supporters and survivors aim to spread educational materials that can help women to detect the disease early enough and reduce the risk of metastatic or advanced breast cancer.

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Raising Funds

Stay Healthy

Other than publicizing early detection methods and breast cancer facts, the majority of organizations use October as a prime opportunity to solicit funds that help in breast cancer research. The Breast Cancer Research Foundation has given a clear intention of eliminating breast cancer. To do this, the foundation is operating under the theme: No more losing loved ones to breast cancer; No more hospital visits; No more needless suffering or side effects. However, the goal cannot be realized without conducting thorough research. Research is the only way to end breast cancer.

Apart from doing the research work, Susan G. Komen Foundation conveys that though millions of people may benefit from advanced technological treatments, a lot of them may die since they have no adequate access to reliable cancer care. Therefore, the foundation focuses on fighting the killer disease from the laboratories to the streets. It is imperative to spread awareness to help reduce deaths, which could have been avoided if the economic, social, and cultural barriers were addressed.

Be Breast Aware

If every woman takes the initiative of having her breasts checked, a whopping 1500 lives could be saved each year. As it stands currently, less than half of all women go for regular checkups. The rest are left exposed to the risk of death since no one can tell whether a woman has cancer until the right tests are done.

What Else Can One Do?

There are numerous ways that one can support or get involved before, during, and after the Breast Cancer Awareness Month. From sharing information with any person, who is interested, to vigorously campaigning to help women get access to the drugs they need, your little support will help in terminating the monster – Breast Cancer.