What Is Breast Cancer?

Breast cancer is being formed when the cells in the breast starts growing rapidly and exponentially. The cells usually create a tumor that can usually be found by an x-ray or felt as a lump. The tumor is categorized as malignant if the cells can potentially grow into (invade) surrounding tissues or metastasize to more distant areas of the body. Breast cancer happens almost always in women, although men can suffer from breast cancer, as well. Cells in nearly any part of the body have the ability to become cancer and then spread among other parts.

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A Change Could Be Felt In How The Breast Or Nipple Feels

  • The nipple becomes much less tender or a lump (slightly thickened nipple/breast area) all around the breast or even the armpit area.
  •  A change in the area’s skin texture, massively expanded pores around the breast. Past victims of this disease describe this particular early sign as an orange peel ‘s texture.
  • A sudden emergence of a lump anywhere around the breast. Not all lumps that can be found on your body are cancerous. However, all lumps should be inspected by a medical professional.

An Appearance Change At Or Around The Breast/Nipple Area

  • Any change of the size and shape that is suspicious and couldn’t be explained, found around the breast/nipple area.
  • Dimples that emerge on the breast, any sort of dimpling.
  • A swelling on the breast that cannot be explained, extremely dangerous if swollen on one side of the breast only.
  • An illogical shrinking of the breast, extremely dangerous if shrunk on one side of the breast only.
  • Recent asymmetrical appearance of the breast. Although more often than not women tend to have one breast larger/smaller than the other, if the asymmetrical appearance was discovered recently, it should be checked immediately.
  • An inverted nipple or a nipple that had recently shifted from outward bound to inward bound.
  • Scaly, reddish, swollen, ridging or pitted skin around the nipple/breast is an alarm that should never be ignored. If any of these occur it is recommended that it should be checked out immediately.

Any Discharge That Comes Out Of The Nipple, Especially A Discharge Of Blood

  • Even though a discharge of milk does sometime occur in women that are not pregnant or breastfeeding and it is not a sign of cancerous cells, it should be checked out by a professional in the field none the less.

A Regular, Monthly Self – Examination

The “Johns Hopkins Medical Center” is more or less, one of the leaders in doing research in the field and they encourage all women over 14 years of age to conduct regular check-ups each month by themselves.

They go on by stating the following:

  • “Over forty percent of diagnosed breast cancers are detected by women who feel a lump, so establishing a regular breast self-exam is very important.”

Even though a mammogram might be of aid in detecting the cancer, the regular self-conducted check-ups provide you with an insight of how your breasts look and feel like much better, in turn making you much more self-aware and ready to detect the changes that could be felt by a potential cancer being formed in your breast or around it. Hence, it makes the person see a doctor much faster in this scenario than a person that can’t tell the difference as fast as she (or he) should in order to start fighting it in the early stages.

How To Conduct The Self-Examination

While Showering

Move your fingers around the breast in a circular motion with the help of pads. It is important to do this motion by starting from the outer side and then moving to the center, by this you are examining the whole breast and the armpit area, as well. Don’t forget to check both of your breasts for any unfamiliar lumps or thickened skin around them.

By Standing In front Of A Mirror

Take a look at your breasts while you have your arms on your sides, then raise the arms high above your head in order to get a much clearer view from another important perspective.

Put your hands on your hips and flex your chest muscles and don’t be scared if they are not symmetrical, as most women’s breasts slightly differ from one another, but do see a doctor if you see any changes in the texture of the area, any new dimples, any scaling of the skin, any change whatsoever is a possible alert and it should be examined as soon as possible.

 By Lying Down

This is a great way to examine your breasts because once in that position, the tissue around the breasts is able to spread out evenly along your chest. Then put your right arm behind your head, while you have placed a pillow below your right shoulder before. Now you are set to start inspecting your right breast in this case, by using your left hand to tenderly move the fingers along the right breast in a circular pattern, once again starting outwards and moving inwards. Don’t forget to check the underarm area too while you are doing this.

Regular Check-Ups Are The Best Prevention

It is never a mistake to check your body for abnormalities and it can only do good for you, even thought you might think it’s not worth it sometimes, it definitely is. It’s always better to start treating it early, no matter what it is, but in this case it is only possible to treat it if discovered in the early stages.

Do your regular self-examination and stay familiar on the subject, as many women around the world suffer this type of cancer and could only wish that they had discovered it earlier.