Breast cancer can be very dangerous if not found in its early stages. As earlier stated the best way to prevent it is to know all about yourself and your body. To know how your breasts should look and feel is a part of that awareness. This helps to identify if when changes occur. This is important because if breast cancer is found in its early stages then it is possible to successfully cure it. Otherwise it can be a death sentence.

There are many symptoms that might appear in a woman’s body that could be attributed to the early signs of cancer.

This article will thus discuss common and some uncommon symptoms that can alert you of any negative changes in your body:


“A lump is formed when some tissues for some reason become hardened in the breasts.”

A lump is formed when some tissues for some reason become hardened in the breasts. Lumps or mass as they are called sometimes are one of the most common symptoms that show up in breast cancer cases. It is quite easy for any woman to check for these lumps, even at home. Checking for them is really simple and best done in the shower or while lying down.

To check, use your fingers. Move your fingers in a gentle and circular motion around the breasts. The pattern of movement should be from the outside to the inside, thoroughly checking the breasts and the armpits. While moving the fingers you should also check for any hardened part or thickening of the breast. If there are lumps, then medical professionals should be speedily consulted. These checks should be done around once or twice a month. However, not all lumps are caused by breast cancers. But if a lump is discovered, medical advice and investigation is heartily recommended.

Change In The Appearance Of The Breast And Nipples

A change in the appearance of the breast is one of the most familiar symptoms of breast cancer.

If you know how your breast should normally look then it is easy spotting any difference or departure from its normal appearance.You should consult the doctor if you notice that your breasts are different from what you are used to.

Other things to watch out for include:

  • Any sudden change in size that should not be there or which is not a part of growth.
  • Any change in the shape of the breast.
  • If you notice any swelling in your breasts. Swelling can also be the effect of environment or food but if you notice this swelling in only one breast then it might be a problem to be investigated.
  • If you notice any shrinkage in the breasts that should not be happening then it may be an indication that a proper test needs to be done.
  • It is a fact that most women do not have similar looking. While the breasts might differ if the difference noticeably increases then the reason should be investigated.
  • Notice your nipples. Check whether they are inverted or turned slightly inward. This can often be a sign
  • Check whether the skin of the breasts, nipples and the area around the nipples are not reddish in color. Swelling in these areas can be an indication that you need to schedule a checkup.

Discharge From The Nipples:

“When there is a discharge of milky, oily or blood liquid from the nipples then it might be due to breast cancer and a doctor needs to be urgently consulted.”

When women breastfeed their infants it is natural process as these milk glands produce milk. But when there is a discharge of milky, oily or blood liquid from the nipples then it might be due to breast cancer and a doctor needs to be urgently consulted.

Skin Thickening:

Another factor that could be a symptom of breast cancer is the thickening of the skin or a part of the breast. This might be due to the presence of a cancerous tumor below it. Redness and scaling of the nipples are also among the symptoms of breast cancer. A point to be noted here is that the thickening of skin can also be caused by other environmental factors. But these are temporary conditions and if these symptoms do not disappear days and weeks later then it is advisable to go to a doctor and for a breast cancer check-up.

Swelling In The Armpits:

It is not always necessary that breast cancer symptoms show up on the breasts only. The armpits are also connected to nerves that originate from the breasts. Sometimes, swelling in the armpits appear even before the development of lumps in breasts.

To identify that kind of symptoms it is necessary to periodically have mammograms.