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Breast cancer can be very dangerous if not found
in its early stages.

Know The Symptoms Of This
Alarming Condition

In this blog, we will enumerate the steps that should be taken to lower the risk of breast cancer.

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Reduce Risk

Breast Cancer Organizations

About Me

I welcome you all to the RakSutka blog. My name is Rovie Bautista and I run my blog just for the sole purpose of helping out other women.

I write this blog to make women aware of diseases that we collectively face, but might not wish to discuss in the open. I am just a woman who wants to keep another woman aware of the kind of diseases that our bodies can suffer, so that we can better protect ourselves. I always try to give my best while writing these blogs in order that as many people as possible can benefit.


“An Ounce of Prevention is Worth a Pound of Cure”
This might be a small statement, but its meaning is very deep and if understood properly, it could help in many ways.

Many wise people, thus often hold it as a mantra to be adhered to Doctors worldwide also emphasize it. It can be taken to mean: “if you spend some amount of money today on prevention then it can save on the bigger amount that will be spent on the cure”. In the field of diseases, knowledge is an excellent cure

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Symptoms That Indicate The Alarming Condition

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Am always here to help you understand and spread awareness about diseases. Feel free to leave a question or feedback about my work any time because it is never a bad thing to know about your own body and its structure.

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Awareness of breast cancer is essential in our business. This is why Nubiles series of Family Pies is constantly working with its models to make them aware of periodic check-ups they should be taking!

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We have just  found out about RakSutka.org – we really love the idea of keeping women aware of their potential issues. At Latin Leche, we have our own problems as well, so it’s good to keep awareness strong!

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